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More Pictures from France

So we recently went to France on a Viking River Cruise in France. What fun! We cruised from Paris to Normandy and back and loved seeing the sights from the river. Below is our view as we made our way back into Paris. It was so amazing to see the Statue of Liberty, which is facing America, and the Eiffel Tower as we approached … Read More More Pictures from France


Living with Beauty in Paris

I recently had the opportunity to go to France. ¬†What a beautiful country! I noticed that, especially in Paris, most people live in small spaces. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/126382333267916432/ But because they have such beautiful large public spaces, they are constantly surrounded by beauty. While we were visiting Versailles, I noticed that the locals were just jogging around the fountains. Can you imagine your daily exercise routine … Read More Living with Beauty in Paris