Condo Mom

I can’t believe it’s already  November!! I moved to a condo in the city from a big, rambling suburban house in the summer of 2015. While in the suburbs, my career was part time. Now that I’m in the city with less responsibilities, I’ve upped my career to full time and am loving it!

So now that it’s the end of the year, I’m assessing my sales and realizing that I love focusing on condo life in the city – mainly here in Atlanta. Most of my clients are between 20 and 40, and they really want to enjoy the urban life with walkability and conveniences all around them. A few like smaller homes with a little outdoor green space, but most want the ease of a flat in the city where they can concentrate on the careers, friends, social lives, and travel. If this is something you are interested in, please connect with me! I’d love to help!


Be Master of Your Realm

I have a couple of clients who have been very interested in the Realm condominium project recently and have really enjoyed getting to know this new beauty in my town. The glass high-rise is architecturally interesting, and uses concrete, glass, and steel in a way that creates an open and inviting place to live. I have been to this high rise a lot during the summer, and the concierge staff is always a joy. They really take pride in the building and care about the residents needs, which creates an immediate feeling of respite the minute I walk in the door.

Entrance from Highland Drive welcomes you and your guests into t

The amenities are on the Eighth floor, which creates a fabulous pool view, with two story meeting rooms, gym, and outdoor areas for grilling and gathering on the same level. I would love to see the fire pit on a pretty fall evening.

Warm up next to the rooftop firepit surrounded by fantastic viewSaltwater pool with 360 degree views from the terrace -- downto

My colleague, Jen Perissi, has a fabulous new listing here that is going to make someone extremely happy. It’s a 2/2 roommate plan on the 11th floor with THREE covered parking spaces. The original owner did a great job buying a choice third space since parking in this neighborhood is at a premium. This fact alone makes this listing stand out as spectacular, but the unit itself is wonderful. The two bedrooms are a roommate plan, giving the most privacy possible, and meeting in a lovely living room. The kitchen opens onto the living room to make for great flow.

Modern architectural details frame stellar views of Buckhead's h      View from entry hall features coveted southeast views along Peac

The unit faces Southeast, so there is a wonderful view of Peachtree Street. How convenient, since the street makes sure another building won’t block your view. This means a great view of the Peachtree Road Race and the Fourth of July Fireworks.

The two bedrooms are lovely and closet organizers are already installed.

Main bathroom with stone counters and shower stall.

Main bedroom makes great use of space with room for a desk and w

Custom closets provide extra storage and organization.

Secondary bedroom with treetop views of Peachtree Park.

At $375,000, this home won’t be on the market long. Jen Perissi is the listing agent. If you need a purchasing agent to show this property and others like it, I would love help.


A James Means Jewel in Atlanta

James Means is a very important Atlanta architect who designed 60 homes throughout America. Sixteen were built here in Atlanta. This particular home was originally built for the Ballard family in 1965. Through the years the home has been lovingly updated, staying true to the original concept of the house, but bringing it into a new century of modern living.  After it’s most recent update, it was featured in the August, 2008 Veranda magazine.  It’s located within a stroll of the Governor’s Mansion, tucked into a lovely family-friendly neighborhood just off of West Paces Ferry Road.

The house charms with lovely details and perfect symmetry on the exterior, and continues this concept throughout the interior.


Symmetry is carried throughout, as the home hugs the back garden, designed by James Means, John Howard, and Sylvia Attkinson.l32c13145-m2xd-w640_h480_q80 There is also an amazing saltwater pool, and a Matt Isbell putting green.

The spacious kitchen has been lovingly brought into the 21st century with Calcutta Gold marble and new cabinetry, while keeping the original charm.


Kitchen update by Design Galleria

The dining room is perfection in every detail. Take a look at the spectacular parquet floors from an 1800’s Atlanta bank building. Exquisite.l32c13145-m16xd-w640_h480_q80

This room was Mrs. Ballard’s favorite. She loved the warmth of the Butternut Walnut wood paneling, also imported from France. A small study adjoins this room and this lovely wood is also used as an accent there.


D. Stanley Dixon redesigned the basement recently and added this amazing wine cellar. It’s the perfect size and my favorite wine room ever!


Mrs. Ballard went to France with James Means and purchased this amazing black pearl marble mantel. It’s been gracing the room ever since. It’s absolutely beautiful.l32c13145-m15xd-w640_h480_q80This powder room is also one of my favorites. I love the door design and the complete perfection of the room. l32c13145-m24xd-w640_h480_q80Patti Junger has the listing on this amazing home. If you are looking for an upscale home, this is a must-see! It’s historically significant and completely up-to-date. The only thing missing is you!


Around Town Today

I found myself at Architectural Accents today. I could get lost in that store! So many things I love!



Atlanta is known as a city with mind-numbing traffic. Years ago, politicians used to discuss road improvement and how we were going to deal with our growing city. Now they have given up just say the  way to handle it is “live/work and walkability”.  In other words, we’ve given up!


I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to be realistic about commuting. The truth is, we really can’t keep up with the road demand here. Most cities are finding that to be true. My husband and I lived twenty miles from his work since 1991, but the commute time has increased from 30-40 minutes one way to as long as 2 hours, depending on the day and what is going on. He used to get a reprieve in the summer with part of the city out of town and school buses not on the road. Now the city is doing road repair all summer and the commute is just as bad as it ever was.

We have been discussing a move for over a year. Many of our friends and business associates are moving to be closer to work and entertainment and embracing a more urban lifestyle. One friend’s advice was “Don’t move if you can’t walk where you need to go. It may still take you 30-45 minutes to get to work from 3-5 miles away.” So I narrowed the search to 1/2 mile from his office. We finally found a lovely condo building in the heart of Buckhead where we can walk to work.


We moved this month and are really enjoying the extra hours of no commuting. I’ve always loved the city, so it’s a thrill to always be around great shopping, restaurants, and fun people who make living in the city such an interesting experience. I love the convenience of a walkable condo instead of a house where I have to drive to everything I need. There is even a delightful Saturday Farmers’ Market within walking distance where we ran into old friends and reconnected.



Dorothy was Right! There’s No Place Like Home!

Big, little, modest, or stately, our homes should be a reflection of the good and joyful in our lives.

Not surprisingly, HGTV is my favorite reality TV. I love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers because they find homes that need love and attention and bring new life to them. To me, this is the ultimate recycling! This is what my husband and I did with our home. We found a once-loved-then-neglected house with great bone structure and made it our own when our children were small. It’s the home our daughters grew up in and we love it!

Even though I love my home, I have found that I think I could be happy pretty much anywhere if I can make it my own. Some of the things I love to put in my home are :

Reading nooks!

A bay window is a great place to make a cozy nook.

I also think it’s nice to have a place for family members to take a private moment.


Open concept has it’s advantages, but too open and no one has privacy.











Charging drawers for technology.


Proper lighting for all tasks.


Desks for thoughts.

9d12f3673cdc8c63a32facb3b0315fb2  Screen-Shot-2014-10-19-at-10.23.40-PM0f11e2d464265096e27a5915e3043e8a

It makes me sad when I see life getting to people. They never really settle in and  decide to sell their homes, never having enjoyed them. Take some time. Really look at your home. How can it make you and your family happier?? Sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging and making things more convenient. If you need some help, ask a friend who has a home you admire. I bet they would love to help you out.


Georgian Perfection in an Idyllic Setting

When I first moved to Atlanta as a new college graduate, I had a delightful sales job in Cobb county. It was a great day when I found myself near the exclusive area of Paper Mill Road. The homes are so beautiful there. I loved to drive that road as I went to visit clients. It’s the road that could be in a movie, one lovely home after another with shopping nearby. The land dips and sways to give privacy to the residents, but allow glimpses of beautiful homes and lovely neighborhoods.

Last week I was invited back to that beautiful street to see a treasure. It was the brain-child of Bill Baker and is shown in his book New Classicists.  The entryway promised something special, with a winding drive that gave the home a feeling of playing hide and seek as I approached.


The home came into focus and delivered all that I had expected and more.


The grounds are truly spectacular, and Mr. Baker took full advantage of this as he planned the home, maximizing the play between the home and gardens.5521289_24

The foyer soars to welcome you and gives an open view into the living room.  The scale of the home is magnificent with ceilings of 23 feet in the foyer and 12-13 feet in the rest of the rooms. As you can see from this photo, the stairway curves into the main living space with an elevator next to it. Even though it is such a classical structure, its modern plan and openness brings everything up to date. I noticed that a wheelchair could easily maneuver through the entire home. This concept makes it one of the most hospitable homes I have ever been in.


The foyer joins with the open living room,


which then invites you onto a covered porch 5521289_18

for beautiful views of the pool and gardens.5521289_1


All of the bedrooms are on a grand scale, in which pictures don’t do justice. The master has huge his and her closets, a beautiful stone fireplace, and an amazing bath overlooking a lovely private  courtyard. The picture really doesn’t do this room justice. 5521289_9

Here is the opposite view from the courtyard. There is a constant enticement to enjoy the beautiful outdoor delights.

4300 Papermill Rd-24

One of the really wonderful things about this home is Cobb County taxes. As Atlanta taxes increase and our city gets more crowded, this home is a value. The location is a few miles from the new Braves stadium, which makes it close to the city, but quiet and spacious. If you are looking for convenience and perfection, this home is a must-see.

Toni Itkin holds the listing and gives more information here. If you would like to see the home, and need a purchasing agent, contact me. I’d love to introduce you to Toni and this amazing home.


Closet Revamp


Closets that look like boutiques are some of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest. I can’t imagine having a three way mirror to make sure I’m as put together as I think I am before leaving my closet, which was part of the closet above.  But one of my favorite hidden surprises in closets is a built in jewelry box in a closet drawer.


Every time I see one, I pull it open an squeal “ta-da!!” to myself.

I’ve never had a decent jewelry box, and haven’t really ever organized my trinkets. They have always just been slung on a shelf in my closet, which kind of worked for me, since I’m not really a jewelry girl and don’t have that much anyway.  I am fortunate enough to have a drawer in my closet, though.  So as my organizational New Year’s project, I decided to finally get my little few baubles pulled together. And I just love Amazon! They have everything delivered to your door in two days! I found these fabulous drawer inserts for under $20 each! They can stack on each other and slide so a girl can see all her finery and find what suits her for the day! Fabulous! There are other types of trays that can be purchased for the type of accessories you have. Click on the pictures and it will take to you Amazon to find the ones that might work for you.



After this little project, I can tell you that my jewelry weaknesses are earrings and bracelets. I found this fabulous bracelet holder for under $20 to hold all my bracelets. By the way, the picture above is Amazon’s and those sparklers aren’t mine!

This took 15 minutes of time and cost very little. But now, when I get dressed, I can actually see all of my little adornments. And it gives my closet a great little boutique look that makes me delighted every time I see it!


How Starbucks Can Help Keep that New Year’s Diet Resolution

Last year I had to change some eating habits for health reasons. One of my new indulgences became green and white tea instead of coffee with cream and sugar. Thank you Starbucks for being my new fast food joint!! I’m not sure I would have made it if it hadn’t been for fabulous mixed nuts. My favorite is the nut and seed mix with cayenne pepper!

Another favorite is the Bistro Boxes , and special love to their fruit and cheese pack!


But the crowning glory has been Teavana’s Youthberry and Pineapple Kona Pop teas!

Unknown images

Starbucks gives two teabags when ordering a Grande, so I ask for one of each and blend them with a Stevia packet. Heaven in a cup! And since Tish Jett, in her book Forever Chic, recommends tea as a first line of defense when hungry, I bought some for home too! If you find yourself trying to lose weight or change some of your eating habits as a New Years Resolution, give it a try. I’d love to know what you think!


I’ve Had Two Years to Grow Claws, Mother. Jungle Red.


Have you ever seen the original 1939 movie, The Women? Norma Shearer plays a happily married woman whose life is suddenly turned upside down when she finds her husband is having an affair. He is the love of her life, and she is devastated. She finds out by hearing gossip while getting her nails done.


Her horrible cousin and lifetime frenemy finds out the dirty little secret and tells her to go see her manicurist and get this wonderful new color, Jungle Red.

By the end of the movie, and if you haven’t seen it – drop everything and watch it NOW, she takes control of her life by telling her delightful mom, “I’ve had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red.”


My girls and I watch this fantastic escape a couple of times a year together, so for Christmas my oldest gave me “Jungle Red” by Nars! I finally got a moment to experience some Jungle Red for myself and just have to say what a joy it is to feel like Norma at the movie’s end!


Bless her, she told me that she had been trying to find this color for me for years and it sells out quickly, so she jumped on it this year and I lucked out! So here’s to a year of confidence-enhancing Jungle Red!


All That Jazz


One thing that isn’t discussed much is how music really sets a mood in home decoration. Two of my favorite entertainers got together and made a fabulous jazz album that will give you hours of joy! Everyone knows what an icon Tony Bennett is. Well, he paired up with superstar Lady Gaga and made my favorite new album! Lady Gaga really shines and shows the talent and range that is truly the best voice I have heard in years!

If you love this album and want more, Mr. Bennett also made a Duets and Duets 2 album. The three albums combined make a wonderful soundtrack for the home that sets the mood for a delightful evening with family or entertaining. I highly recommend!!


Forever Chic – Favorite Finds in 2014

One of my favorite books read in 2014 was “Forever Chic”. If you are over 40 and want to embrace this new era in your life, this book is for you! It reminds us how important it is to enjoy this life we are given. Tish Jett is an American beauty and style writer who has lived in France for years, and emphasizes the joie de vivre at any age. It’s now my standard gift for friends on their “big girl birthdays”.  And when you finish it, it’s adorable as a home accessory! It’s that perfect size to sit on a desk or table to interest guests.