A Touch of France in Atlanta

One day recently, I found myself with an opportunity to visit a home that is a jewel box of French architecture here in Atlanta (click here to see the agent’s listing). Since real estate is my addiction, I couldn’t wait to see it. We drove through beautiful, quiet Buckhead streets, and in a few minutes, turned into a cobblestone drive, which took us up a small rise and onto a beautiful fountained courtyard. As I got out of the car, I saw a delightful view of some of the most beautiful property in Atlanta. I felt absolutely transported to the French countryside. We were greeted by the realtor who is listing the property, Doni King Rhineheart. Doni is such a lovely person, and extremely knowledgeable on the beautiful homes of Buckhead. 
There are so many details in this home that will never show up in the photos of it, which is why I was so excited to experience it in person. The foyer is stunning with stone flooring and stone steps going upstairs and down. 
 Here is a detail of the banister. 
This iron detailing is carried through on the windows. 
 Doni explained to us the the home was designed by Pak-Heydt Design and built in 2000. I love their work! The home was built on the concept of the “Hôtel Particulier”.  The concept is a family home with an enclosed courtyard. Around the courtyard is a lovely covered walkway that leads to a charming outdoor living space. This courtyard and outdoor living space is the focal point for the household. Sheer delight!
 This outdoor courtyard can be seen from each of the bedrooms. Speaking of bedrooms, here is a view of the master suite. 
The walls are in padded upholstery to match the fabric used in the window treatments. This treatment is extremely beautiful, but also extremely cozy. Each bedroom in the house is treated this way. Serendipity at it’s finest. There are separate his and hers baths, which are amazing. 
Every room is a delight and pleasure to walk through. The living room and dining room are French perfection. You may not be able to tell from the photos, but the high ceilings give the window treatments a majestic look, and the rooms an incredible feeling of space and intimacy at the same time. 
This home is an amazing labor of love, a joy to behold, and a treasure to appreciate. Enjoy!

Beautiful Georgian Architecture

Have you seen the 2009 BBC production of Emma? I just love the beautiful home they use for Hartfield in the film. It’s actually Squerryes Court, located in the county of Kent, England. This house dates back to 1681 and is early Georgian. Magnificent!

Now look at this delightful Georgian home here in Atlanta. Wow, the beauty is in the details!  This is Georgian architecture for modern times! Let’s take a tour.

I love this small front alcove. There is sheer perfection in the fan above the door, the molding , the brickwork, boxwoods flanking the entrance, and that lovely number plate.
And doesn’t this knocker make you think of Dicken’s Christmas Carol? It’s already making me wonder if I live for Christmas everyday! Delightful!

Take a look at all of the Georgian detail in this foyer. The sunlight from the front entryway, the pediment passageway into the living room and dining room, and the furnishings are amazing.

Speaking of amazing, notice detail on that banister. Brilliant!
I love this living room. Once again, from the architecture to the window treatments and furnishings, this home is truly amazing! This home is for sale and the photos are from the listing. 


The Zen of Blue

I am a big fan of traditional design, from architecture to decorating. Nothing makes me more comfortable in my surroundings than symmetry, polished tables, ad comfortable seating wrapped in a serene color palate.

Patricia McLean really hits the mark for this lovely, old home in Buckhead.

I love the french windows on either side of the front door, the creamy brick and the lovely shutters. The symmetry of the house design and the landscape have such appeal. But where Patricia really brings in the serenity is inside…
Patricia’s clients wanted blue as their palette. I think she did an amazing job of finding a blue that didn’t turn green or gray.  If you are interested in the specific color, it is Benjamin Moore’s Buxton Blue.
Upstairs the walls are a beautiful cream color with the blue used in fabrics and accessories. Also, notice the quiet pattern in that beautiful carpeting. Very subtle, but it really makes the room. I have known Patricia personally for 20 years now; and in working with her and seeing her work in magazines, at the Atlanta Symphony Show House, and other homes I have had the pleasure of seeing, I can tell you that she certainly has an eye for color! This is just a wonderful example! These pictures are from a wonderful article by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. If you would like to see more about this home, check out the article online.

I Can’t Wait for the Peachtree Garden Club’s Christmas Home Tour!

Okay, I’ve admitted that I was raised on tours of homes. I remember one in Central Georgia that my mother took me to at about 12. It was an old antebellum home that was decorated for Christmas. I was overwhelmed by the charm of the old home and the wonderful decorations that complemented the architecture.

This is why I am so excited about the Peachtree Garden Club’s Christmas Home Tour! What a delightful way to get in the Christmas spirit!!

They will have four homes on the tour, with the first one at 1 Cherokee Road, being a beautiful Neel Reid built in 1921!! Joy!! The Garden Club’s website says that this home was one of the first constructed in the area.

The second home at 25 Cherokee Road has a four story spiral staircase! I can’t wait to see her lovely antiques and staircase that took eight months to build!

The home at 3671 Tuxedo Road was saved from the wrecking ball and has been renovated, updated, and expanded. I just love it when people invest in the past and preserve for the future!

3241 Rilman Lake Court is a newer home designed jointly by Spitzmiller and Norris and Suzanne Kasler. I am sure this will be a lovely, soothing decor and can’t wait to see it in Christmas splendor!

Visit the Garden Club’s website to order your tickets or learn how to get them at the door. I’ll see you there!


7 Cherokee Road – One of Atlanta’s truly Spectacular Homes

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to see a truly remarkable home in Atlanta.  Neel Reid is my favorite architect of all time. He designed this home in 1922 and it has truly become one of Atlanta’s grand dames of homes! 
Notice the symmetry of the house as you enter the property…
Doesn’t the Palladian look like a scene from Pride and Prejudice?
And so does this dining room! Amazing!
There is no picture of this on the agent’s website, but there is a ladies’ sitting room with an amazing fireplace just behind the dining room where I can just imagine the ladies could gossip over sherry, tea, or cocktails! 
The living room is a soothing, light, spa blue. It is even more dramatic in person. Just lovely! 
There are more pictures on the agent’s website. I live for Beacham Realty’s lovely catalog to make it’s way to my house! I think I’ll make tea and browse her website for a while! What a delight!