I am originally from a small town in Georgia. My family has been in that area for generations. My parents are aging, and I find myself down there more and more these days. My sister and I are now the third generation to take care of my grandparents farmhouse. My grandfather built the house and moved his family in in 1937. The house is about 1200 square feet. During the depression, seven people called this place home! I always thought that this little house had a lot of charm. And it’s so interesting to go back and be there. I remember it so well as a child. I loved being with my grandparents there making mud pies, baking cookies with my grandmother,¬†doing lots of work in the garden and with the animals.

My husband says it’s hipster heaven! The front and back doors align, so when you open both doors you get amazing cross ventilation throughout the whole house! The dining room and kitchen are actually in the middle of the house and are subject to these great breezes. On either side of the house are four equal sized rooms – three have fireplaces. They always used one of the front rooms as a living room and the other three are bedrooms. And two baths are ensuite with the two rooms in the back of the house.


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