Lot or House for Sale – Would you tear it down? Or build it up?

I have to admit, I prefer old homes to new. I love the way things used to be built with style and character. I prefer a hand built fireplace and chimney to the more modern box that we buy today. I like a handmade stairway instead of a factory made one. Some people don’t, and I respect that. If you love old homes too, I hope you enjoy this little cottage I ran across the other day. It’s listed as a lot, and in a great neighborhood, so the sellers are thinking that no one will want to keep this 1930’s bungalow. I fell in love with it though! The house sits on a very level lot – front and back.


Great porch for those long summer days



First of all, I just love the curb appeal of this little gem! I love the high pitched roofline, the adorable porch space over to the side, the tiny front porch with the cottage door and the precious door hardware.

When I walked inside, I was taken with the special little details that someone had done in previous years. You can tell that families had lived there for a long time and loved this home. There are three bedrooms all on the first floor! Perfect for empty nesters who are tired of stairs. There are wood floors throughout still in good condition. The closets are small, but the space is great, so I would hire an architect to make the most of the space, but it could be fantastic without starting all over again!

Crystal door knobs throughout the home. This one is on the front door.
Living Room
The living rooms opens into the dining room, which opens into the breakfast room


I love the wallpaper inside the china cabinets. 

What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Would you consider this a tear-down, or a big renovation?


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