Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Here we are in a New Year! May you be happy and prosper in it! Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. We want to take good advice from wise people and find ourselves in a better situation this time next year. If reading good books is on your list, I highly recommend Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.

c221e7b21b259c863048eb272c40c70fBelieve it or not, his life didn’t go so well as a young man. He ran away from an apprenticeship as a teen, an act that was punishable by imprisonment; ran with a crowd that brought him down; and was terrible with money. He tells of a time after all of this, when he was sailing back to America from England, when he realized that he had made a lot of bad decisions. That’s when he made a list of rules to live by and turned his life around. I highly recommend this read! You can read it for free on many sites, but click here for a quick link to the online book.

In the book he writes of moving to Philadelphia and settling down. He is young and just bought his first home and business. He then meets a man named Samuel Mickle who felt the country was going to hell in a hand basket, and tells him how sorry he is that Ben invested all that money. Sam felt Ben was going to lose it all! Nothing could have been further from the truth! We all know how Ben does well with his printing business and goes on to be a leader of our young country!

If you have your ducks in a row, and are tired of renting and thinking of buying your first home, you might run into a few Samuel Mickles telling you what a bad idea it is! But the truth is, interest rates are low, and the economy is running along better than it has been. And over time, life just get more expensive.

Mr Franklin tells us that after years of nay-saying, Samuel ended up buying a house for seven times what he could have paid if he had just bought as a young man instead of renting.¬†We never hear of Samuel Mickle again in the history books! But we all know Benjamin Franklin! He’s so popular that he ended up on our $100 bill! So take my advice and read his advice! And call me! Let’s get moving on your dream to own a home!

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