Suzanne Kasler says that when looking for a new home, “You’ve got to have good bones, and if you don’t you must create them.” How true! So when looking for a new home, think about focal points in a room. Is there a pretty mantel? Are there moldings in the home? Is the room symmetrical? If not, can you add something and make it more balanced?  Here’s an example of a recent example of this.

This couple needed to move closer into the city for work, but were used to a well-proportioned home. They wanted three bedrooms and baths and love a symmetrical living area layout. Since their children were grown and had homes of their own, they really wanted to downsize to a condo with everything on one floor. Their location was also tight – under one half mile commute to work! They were tired of fighting traffic and wanted a more pedestrian lifestyle. After looking for about a year, they found a beautiful flat in Buckhead.

They loved the layout from the beginning: a formal living room and dining room with a foyer in between. They love the way the condo has two balconies, with wonderful windows and doors to the outside. The bones were great, but they didn’t love the color and needed to do a few small renovations. The main thing they changed was paint.

They painted the entire home a soft white, using different sheens for the ceiling, moldings, and walls. I think it really opened up the space.


l82a12f45-m4xd-w640_h480_q80Living Room-2.jpg

l82a12f45-m5xd-w640_h480_q80Living Room-4.jpg

l82a12f45-m11xd-w640_h480_q80Dining Room-3.jpg

The biggest change in the dining room, was a more traditional light fixture and paint.


There was a lowered ceiling over the island in the kitchen. Since the cooktop is vented underneath in the island, it wasn’t needed. They like the more open feel now.

l82a12f45-m17xd-w640_h480_q80Master Bedroom-1.jpg

The lighter paint really opens the space in the master bedroom also. As you can see, this was a very minor project with painting being the most intense part of the process. I hope you like it too!

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