Wow! There are some great things going on to help you start your Christmas right!! Here’s a list of my favorites around town for the holidays!

Top of my list is Tree Elves!! This wonderful service combines two of my favorite things – Kind of Pops and Christmas trees! Purchase a Christmas tree online. Included in the basic purchase is the tree with a tree stand, a tree bag for easy disposal, and a 4-pack of Holiday King of Pops to enjoy while you decorate the tree. If this isn’t enough fun, the delivery people are dressed as elves!! Joy! But here’s the best part – In January, when the festivities are over, take the ornaments off your tree. They will pick it with the stand, and recycle the tree! I’ve already ordered my tree and am living for my December 2nd delivery!!

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Since no one likes to look at a winterized pool, the delightful people at The St. Regis Atlanta build a skating rink right on top of it every year! It is up and going! The easiest way to make reservations is just to pop by. There’s a holiday reservations desk on the 6th floor just inside the skating rink that handles the skating and Santa Claus tea reservations. screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-9-56-57-am If that’s too much trouble, book online. Many people do both. And if tea with your mother in law and all of your nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters has made you a little edgy, I highly recommend getting your hot chocolate spiked!! It’s the best! They use marshmallow vodka – who knew?? We will have to meet there and discuss your next Atlanta home  purchase over a cup!



My favorite place to shop! Sid and Ann Mashburn in Atlanta, GA

Oh! And stumped on what to get that difficult person on your list? This Friday, December 2, Sid and Ann Mashburn are taking 10 minute phone reservations to personally help you find the perfect gift! If you haven’t been by their store, treat yourself to a great shopping experience and drop by!

So it looks like Christmas is off to a fantastic start here in Atlanta! May your holiday be merry and bright!



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