So, you’ve decided. It’s time. It’s been a great relationship, but it’s just not working anymore. You’re ready to end it. What next? No! Not your spouse! Your house!

The moment you put your house on the market, it’s not really your home anymore! It becomes a potential home for someone else. I know that’s hard to take, but potential buyers are going to want to see it at inconvenient times. Babies might miss nap time. You might have to go to the local pub to watch the college game instead of staying home. The last time I sold my personal residence, I got a call at the most inconvenient time. But I canceled my appointments, picked up the house, and those people were the ones who bought my house! Was it a pain? Yes!! Was it worth it? Yes!!!Foyer-3.jpg

Find a great realtor.  Most realtors are motivated to sell your home. We don’t make money until we sell your home. So a realtor is going to come up with a game plan. Can you get behind it? Will you do what she asks? Help her help you!! If you don’t agree with her strategy then keep looking. Do you like her? You are going to have to work with this agent and discuss a lot of important concepts and strategies. Choose someone you feel comfortable working with!

Clean up! Declutter! Look around your house and judge it like a bad mother-in-law! Is it unorganized, cluttered, toys and pet hair everywhere? You know what to do! If you are overwhelmed and can’t get to it, Thumbtack will introduce you to several people who would love to take that job! Maybe hire them weekly until the house is sold. And one last tip here: Lower your toilet seats! ;o)


Are you downsizing? You might want to call for a dumpster delivery. I moved from a 6,800 square foot home to at 2,800 square foot condominium. We had raised our daughters in that rambling suburban home and they had flown the coop. I was shocked at how much paper and trash we had accumulated! And I call myself organized! Ha! I was also surprised at how many things were broken and not even Goodwill material. I actually used two dumpsters before it was over! How embarrassing! Getting rid of all that extra, unnecessary junk will also organize your home and help buyers see how they can potentially live in the space.


Have your realtor research comparable properties in your neighborhood. I have found most people have a bit of a distorted view about what a house is worth. They have put a lot of effort into this thing called home; and they want to be compensated for the purchase price, repairs, inflation, and anything else that has come up since purchasing. I wish that the value of your home was what you paid for it plus any other cost incurred and the price of your children’s braces and college education, but the truth is, it might not be. A realtor will find all of the latest sales, and compare all of the data with your, one-of-a-kind property. This is great information for you to peruse to get a feel for the market. Then there are enhancements that could add to the value of your home.  This could be anything from staging, de-cluttering, and landscaping, to suggestions on repainting and renovation. Getting a home ready for its market debut can really help you sell your home quickly and efficiently.

Okay, so now you’ve decided to sell, gotten your house ready for the market, and agreed on a price.  And if you have read this article and like my advice, please include me in your realtor search! I’d love to help you make this exciting transition!

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