Atlanta is known as a city with mind-numbing traffic. Years ago, politicians used to discuss road improvement and how we were going to deal with our growing city. Now they have given up just say the  way to handle it is “live/work and walkability”.  In other words, we’ve given up!


I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to be realistic about commuting. The truth is, we really can’t keep up with the road demand here. Most cities are finding that to be true. My husband and I lived twenty miles from his work since 1991, but the commute time has increased from 30-40 minutes one way to as long as 2 hours, depending on the day and what is going on. He used to get a reprieve in the summer with part of the city out of town and school buses not on the road. Now the city is doing road repair all summer and the commute is just as bad as it ever was.

We have been discussing a move for over a year. Many of our friends and business associates are moving to be closer to work and entertainment and embracing a more urban lifestyle. One friend’s advice was “Don’t move if you can’t walk where you need to go. It may still take you 30-45 minutes to get to work from 3-5 miles away.” So I narrowed the search to 1/2 mile from his office. We finally found a lovely condo building in the heart of Buckhead where we can walk to work.


We moved this month and are really enjoying the extra hours of no commuting. I’ve always loved the city, so it’s a thrill to always be around great shopping, restaurants, and fun people who make living in the city such an interesting experience. I love the convenience of a walkable condo instead of a house where I have to drive to everything I need. There is even a delightful Saturday Farmers’ Market within walking distance where we ran into old friends and reconnected.


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