Month: July 2015


A James Means Jewel in Atlanta

James Means is a very important Atlanta architect who designed 60 homes throughout America. Sixteen were built here in Atlanta. This particular home was originally built for the Ballard family in 1965. Through the years the home has been lovingly updated, staying true to the original concept of the house, but bringing it into a new century of modern living.  After it’s most recent update, … Read More A James Means Jewel in Atlanta


Around Town Today

I found myself at Architectural Accents today. I could get lost in that store! So many things I love!



Atlanta is known as a city with mind-numbing traffic. Years ago, politicians used to discuss road improvement and how we were going to deal with our growing city. Now they have given up just say the  way to handle it is “live/work and walkability”.  In other words, we’ve given up! I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to be realistic about commuting. The … Read More Walkability