Big, little, modest, or stately, our homes should be a reflection of the good and joyful in our lives.

Not surprisingly, HGTV is my favorite reality TV. I love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers because they find homes that need love and attention and bring new life to them. To me, this is the ultimate recycling! This is what my husband and I did with our home. We found a once-loved-then-neglected house with great bone structure and made it our own when our children were small. It’s the home our daughters grew up in and we love it!

Even though I love my home, I have found that I think I could be happy pretty much anywhere if I can make it my own. Some of the things I love to put in my home are :

Reading nooks!

A bay window is a great place to make a cozy nook.

I also think it’s nice to have a place for family members to take a private moment.


Open concept has it’s advantages, but too open and no one has privacy.











Charging drawers for technology.


Proper lighting for all tasks.


Desks for thoughts.

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It makes me sad when I see life getting to people. They never really settle in and  decide to sell their homes, never having enjoyed them. Take some time. Really look at your home. How can it make you and your family happier?? Sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging and making things more convenient. If you need some help, ask a friend who has a home you admire. I bet they would love to help you out.

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