Closets that look like boutiques are some of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest. I can’t imagine having a three way mirror to make sure I’m as put together as I think I am before leaving my closet, which was part of the closet above.  But one of my favorite hidden surprises in closets is a built in jewelry box in a closet drawer.


Every time I see one, I pull it open an squeal “ta-da!!” to myself.

I’ve never had a decent jewelry box, and haven’t really ever organized my trinkets. They have always just been slung on a shelf in my closet, which kind of worked for me, since I’m not really a jewelry girl and don’t have that much anyway.  I am fortunate enough to have a drawer in my closet, though.  So as my organizational New Year’s project, I decided to finally get my little few baubles pulled together. And I just love Amazon! They have everything delivered to your door in two days! I found these fabulous drawer inserts for under $20 each! They can stack on each other and slide so a girl can see all her finery and find what suits her for the day! Fabulous! There are other types of trays that can be purchased for the type of accessories you have. Click on the pictures and it will take to you Amazon to find the ones that might work for you.



After this little project, I can tell you that my jewelry weaknesses are earrings and bracelets. I found this fabulous bracelet holder for under $20 to hold all my bracelets. By the way, the picture above is Amazon’s and those sparklers aren’t mine!

This took 15 minutes of time and cost very little. But now, when I get dressed, I can actually see all of my little adornments. And it gives my closet a great little boutique look that makes me delighted every time I see it!

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