So we recently went to France on a Viking River Cruise in France. What fun! We cruised from Paris to Normandy and back and loved seeing the sights from the river. Below is our view as we made our way back into Paris. It was so amazing to see the Statue of Liberty, which is facing America, and the Eiffel Tower as we approached the city.

The Eiffel tower sits in a beautiful park. The trees in the park were pruned like shrubbery. This is an old tradition there. How in the world was it done before trucks with lifts on them??!

More of the beautiful grounds at Versailles. This is a public area, with the fountains flowing on the weekends. We did get to see some of the fountains, even though it was a weekday, due to movie filming.

The view from Richard the Lionheart’s castle, Château Gaillard. I loved the chateau by the river. 

The Chateau sits in ruins now.
On some on the more ruined sections of the castle, you can see wallflowers growing. Our tour guide said to remember how pretty they are the next time you feel like a wallflower!
This view of the castle is from the beautiful village of Petite Andelys.
And I just loved the carving on the side of this house in one of the beautiful villages we visited. This home dates back to the 1600’s and had several of these carved wooden busts protruding from the house.
Below are just beautiful homes and land as we drove to our destinations or traveled down the Seine.
Enjoy the ride!

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