So the sofa saga continues…. I had written about sofa shopping earlier. I have always been intrigued with Chanel’s beautiful sofa and loved the idea of suede.

And I love the curled arms of the sofa on “Friends”.
My daughter and I found a sofa with great lines, but I knew I needed to have it recovered and “pillowed” by my friend Maggie Terry. It’s an enveloping sofa where a girl can snuggle in on a rainy day, but also sits well as a settee in the living room. My husband was skeptical that he would every like it. I knew the fabric was bad and it needed an overhaul…
So here is the finished result. The cozy suede idea from Mademoiselle Chanel, the pillows to replicate the look on “Frasier”, and the sofa style is a salute to “Central Perk”.  It’s been an enjoyable little project.

Same sofa in my new intown condo

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