I recently had the opportunity to go to France.  What a beautiful country! I noticed that, especially in Paris, most people live in small spaces.


But because they have such beautiful large public spaces, they are constantly surrounded by beauty. While we were visiting Versailles, I noticed that the locals were just jogging around the fountains. Can you imagine your daily exercise routine being a lap around Versailles??

I had always heard how amazing the Louvre is, and was blown away be the treasures housed there. But I never knew there was a mall on the bottom floor. This is where you can see those pyramids from the inside! Call me gauche, but I always thought them kind of ugly from the outside. 

Never again! One pyramid is turned up, but the second reaches down. They are beautiful when inside the building, giving the ancient structure amazing light and allowing the people inside the building to still enjoy the exterior. 
I’m amazed at the attention to detail wherever you go in France. From floor details to window hardware, you can tell that each element was considered and crafted to be it’s on work of art.
Believe it or not, this is hardware for holding a window treatment in place. Notice the ring in it’s mouth?
This lovely building is just a sandwich shop.

The French seem to think the beauty is in the details! The maps we were given in Paris were even small works of art.

As we were walking through Rouen, we noticed a marvelous statue of the author Gustave Flaubert. Someone must have thought he looked cold and made him even more natty by lending him a scarf!

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