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Living Small

I grew up in a home that was 1800 square feet. My parents grew up in larger families, but less living space than my childhood home. Then the 1980’s came and homes started getting bigger. By the twenty first century, 3000 square feet seemed normal. I have noticed recently a shift back to a smaller living space. With construction costs high and re-sale low in some markets, it makes good sense. Also, a lot of household debt is crippling.

The New York Times had an article last week on a couple that built a one room, 700 square foot house. It’s very industrial, but I like the simplicity of it and the concept behind it.

This home is truly one open room. There is a curtain between the bedroom and the living room.
As you look at the inside of the home, you see that it is very open and efficient. The couple likes to be active on the weekends and go on trips, so they love the low maintenance care and upkeep required. My first apartment was 600 square feet and a studio. As a single person, I loved it! I could watch TV from anywhere in the apartment. It truly did take about 30 minutes to clean thoroughly, so I understand the concept behind this design.
I also saw on a small cottage on the Southern Living website that I thought was charming.  There seems to be more rooms to this cottage, which I prefer.
I love walking in the door and seeing through the house to a fireplace and the back door. This really helps create great air flow though out the house. In southern climates, the large side and back porch can really help create more space. The master bedroom is on the main floor, which can really help with re-sale and allow older owners live alone longer.
Upstairs there are two more bedrooms and extra storage. This house is about the size of the house I grew up in at 1879 square feet. By today’s standard, it is small, but might easily be a charming home for a small family.
What do you think? Do smaller homes seem convenient and fun, or crowded and claustrophobic to you? I’d love your opinion.
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