This week has been kind of crazy for me. So, I was was mimicking Maria von Trapp and thinking about my favorite things.

First I was so lucky as to have lunch with my long time friend, Maggie Terry of Best Dressed Interiors, a charming lady, and talented interior designer. She has created window treatments, pillows and other decor for my house for about fifteen years now. The latest was a lovely silk pillow for my daughter’s room.  She designed all of the other pillows also.  Even though my daughter has moved on with her life, she will always know there is a place for her here, since that pillow is monogrammed and holding the room for her! I love it!

I recently saw this lovely painting and loved it so much I had to snap a picture of it. He just makes me smile. One day, I am going to bring home a painting like this. The clothes, that face that looks so safe and responsible, and that hat!!

And on a recent junket to a local antique shop call Queen of Hearts, I found a bust! I must eventually get something like this for my front foyer.  And isn’t he great sitting on a mirror?? If I do invest, I don’t think I want one quite so serious, though…

At the same shop, I found this wonderful secretary. It’s marked down and needs a good home. Give the shop a call, if you are in the market.

At Encore Fine Furnishings in Roswell, Georgia had this magnificent French lady’s vanity. It’s all one piece – the vanity itself, the sconces, and the mirror! It reminds me of the French apartment time capsule that I read about recently. I just wanted to set back into Paris in the Twenties when I saw it!
Only the pillow is mine, the rest are for sale in area shops. I don’t know why, but it just makes me happy to know that these things are out there. I hope they all find a good home.

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