I just finished watching a great video from a wonderful blog called Thriftdiving  that made me ponder.  I have also heard comments from friends who complain that Pinterest and blogs like mine make them feel bad. This makes me really sad.

Homes were designed for warmth and shelter from the elements, and a safe place to gather with loved ones. When I think of home, I think of warm meals, happy conversation, and a place where I can be myself and relax from the pressures of the world. I had two delightful grandmothers and a mother who knew this well and exemplified this every day. Their homes weren’t big and impressive, but they were filled with love, good food, and warmth that they shared with the people they loved most in the world. Their personalities came through in the way their homes were arranged and the way they entertained family and loved ones. My parents own my grandparent’s farm house today. Over Christmas we had a party there. That house is less that 1200 square feet and was built during the Depression, but people love to come and enjoy it. I always love being there!

I also was so fortunate to have a mom who taught me that I didn’t need to have everything I saw. She would take me to show homes and help me to see beauty all around me – in homes, in nature, anywhere. We would come home from these outings, and I was always delighted that I lived in my little home with my family. It was a cozy, happy feeling. One day I asked her why she always wanted to go to show homes and see all of this. I can still see her telling me, “If you take one good idea home, it was worth the effort.”.  My mom is very artistic and loves to cook, decorate, landscape, and many other things. She loved to get out and see what others were doing. It would inspire her to start a DIY project or try something new.

This is why I Pin, go to home shows, look at houses, and other delights. Don’t envy what you see. They don’t have what you have either! I have a friend who lives in a very prestigious home, but would give it all up to see his daughter cured of a disease she has lived with for a long time.

One of the most important things to remember is that life is a work in progress. Enjoy the ride!

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