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Sofa Shopping

Sofas make me a little nuts. After shopping for them for a while, they all tend to feel the same and leave me cold. When I go to one store, they seem to sit the same. Go to another, and they have their version of the only kind of sofa to have. It’s a little frustrating to me. So, I started thinking about my favorite sofas from TV, books, and life in general…

Well, my favorite sofa of all time is Coco Chanel’s sofa at 31 Rue Cambon. Most people see this picture:

But, we are more interested in the sofa right now…
I loved that the TV show “Frasier” re-created the sofa and brought it to life in his apartment. And let’s face it, this is how most of us live.  You can tell that it’s smaller and not quite as amazing as the original, but the spirit is alive and well.
When I look for a company that has re-produced this, I find a company in England. Too bad I don’t live there and shipping would cost as much as the sofa! But it is divine and I’m glad there is someone who can make it and someone who can afford to buy it.
But then I break down why I like it so much. It’s deep and it’s long. It’s more than eight and one half feet long.  I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s also more than 40 inches deep. It’s suede, which I love, because of the texture.  But it’s also expensive. I hear you can expect to pay about $18,000 for this sofa, so I move on….
Of course, there’s the sofa from the show “Friends”.  It’s covered in another wonderful fabric, velvet! I love the curves to this sofa, both on the arms and the back, and the one large cushion for sitting. I inevitably get stuck in the middle at parties and sink between the cushions. With only one, that never happens. The bouillon fringe is just an extra. This sofa just wants to help you relax and make your day better.
Yesterday I posted an article on a wonderful Tudor home here in Atlanta. Remember that great sofa in the library. It’s a combination of both of these sofas.
So, recently I went to an antique shop here in Atlanta and found this delightful object. It’s seven and one half feet long, 40 inches deep, and 42 inches high.  I love the one cushion, the arms that curl out and the curved back. It’s so large, it hugs you when you sit in it and gives you that cozy feel.  I think I will add pillows to the back and recover it in a lovely suede or velvet… Which would you do?
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