I was looking through my pictures from 2013 today and found some that I really love, but they don’t make a collection of anything. I have decided that the collection is just architectural features that I love.

Most of today’s windows are double hung. These are triple hung and large enough that when opened well, a tall adult could enter the house. This window is from Barrington Hall in Roswell,  Georgia. 

The scale of this home is wonderful with windows all around the house that open onto a wrap around porch supported by large columns. 
Here is a home that I saw when visiting Savannah, Georgia in May of 2013. It’s for sale, and is as lovely on the inside as the outside.
I hadn’t noticed this before, but this home has the same large floor to ceiling windows as Barrington Hall. The pictures below are from the listing link above.
And last, but far from least, I saw this great townhouse in Charleston while there.  I love the sunlight that comes streaming in, the beautiful vines on the buildings, and the lovely plants that this homeowner tends so well.
I hope you enjoy these photos and homes as much as I. Their commonality to me is the lovely architecture and beautiful features when these homes were built, and how they have been loved for more than one hundred years by their owners and the public.

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