Lately I have gotten quite a giggle in the wonderful ways that people use sculpture when decorating. I thought that busts could be quite staid and serious. Since this is not my library, but at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, I never thought much about bringing one home.
But this year, I have found some of the most amusing examples of how to use sculpture in your decor. I was delighted to be wished a Joyeux Noel by Marie Antoinette this Christmas!
I have also found that many people love to put them by the front door and keep their favorite hat there. Even though the quality of this picture isn’t great, I love it! This is the front hallway of Agatha Christie’s house, Greenway. Her grandson is answering the door to Lucy Worsley in the wonderful show, A Very British Murder. I highly recommend the show if you like mysteries.
Now to bring my concept back to us, here is a lovely old home for sale in LaGrange, Georgia with the same concept.
I found this bust dog-sitting on Tumblr. I’m sorry to say that I can’t find the link right now. He seems to be keeping things well under control!
Then while in France, I saw this engaging tightrope walker. Not being able to speak French probably kept me out of a lot of trouble that day! This picture doesn’t really do him justice.
I found this darling flapper yesterday. I am pondering taking her home so she can dance in my living room.
Recently too I found some really wonderful larger pieces that seem to keep guard over rooms for their owners.
So now I’m in the market for a bust and sculpture. If you have some fun pieces that are gracing your home, or you see around, add to the collection by posting them as comments.

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