Recently I was playing on Ebay and was delighted to find this ornamental urn from a Neel Reid hotel project in Moultrie, Georgia.  It seems that the old ones were damaged from years of being on top of a building, so during a recent restoration, an urn was lovingly restored. A new mold was made from the repaired urn, and all eight urns were replaced in fiberglass for better wear. The company that restored them is now selling them to the public. Lucky us!

This delightful object is from his design of a the Colquitt Hotel in Moultrie, Georgia! It is 55″ high – yes, 4 feet 7 inches! Here is a picture of how they were used in the design. See them at the top of the building?
This is the second Colquitt Hotel, built in 1928. Here is a picture postcard from its heyday. It hosted a drug store, a coffee shop, and a telegraph office. The hotel was mostly used for businessmen working in the tobacco industry. Interesting. If you would like to know the complete history of the hotel, I highly recommend following this link from our state library.  You will find that it was the first of two hotels with a very interesting history.
But today, I am delighted to know that if I really wanted, I could have a little piece of Neel Reid history at my house by placing a quick order on Ebay! Hmm, wouldn’t those urns be wonderful flanking my front door?? I think, yes!

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