This is going to be half rant, half questionnaire.  I’m going to get basic. Light bulbs – I love them and I hate them! I have a cabinet whose only job is to store the different light bulbs my home needs! I think that is ridiculous! There are the compact fluorescents (I think they are the scourge of modern household life, and I refuse to buy them anymore), the old fashioned light bulbs that have been around forever (my favorite, but do I need to get the soft white, or the Reveals that look more like natural light?), and  the candlelight bulbs for chandeliers (What size is the part that screws into the fixture? Do I need the “flame” tip or “plain” tip?). We put track lighting in the laundry room so I can tell the difference between black and blue socks, but those bulbs are $10 each. There are a couple of other types of light bulbs that I have to stock also, but I won’t bore you with the details. Then there’s the wattage that each lamp needs. There is always a warning to NOT exceed the wattage recommended or your house will catch fire and you will lose EVERYTHING! Nothing like the threat of fire to keep me in line.

So, that’s great, but why are we having this conversation? Well, light bulbs have bled into Christmas! When I was a little girl, we had the big, merry, multicolored lights.
Yes, I’m old.

Then, we I got about 10 years old, my mother started using the tiny white lights that look like twinkly stars. I loved them! They had a warm glow that felt cozy and happy. They wished me a Merry Christmas whenever I looked at the tree. I have used them my whole adult life too.  I found them online this year if anyone wants them. I couldn’t find them anywhere last year. So, we opted for the light strand below…

Welcome LED Christmas lights! Nothing like having a blue Christmas!! Everything has a blue tint now. The box says they are warm white lights, but they just aren’t. I tried to get the old ones to no avail. So we settled for these. They are okay, and my family thinks they are festive. I have to say, I do like the throwback look of the cut bulbs to give the light texture. But much like those Audi advertisements, they are bright! I feel like you can see our tree from space! We only have 2 strands on the tree, but when the tree is on, there is no need to turn on other lights. I can see fine, thanks! No more twinkling lights. I’m thinking seriously of getting an extension cord with a dimmer switch. Wow! I might actually like these if they just weren’t so bright!

Do you see what I’m talking about??!!
My old lights with the incandescent mini bulbs.

I found the mini LED lights this year, but I just don’t really care for small rectangles of light on my tree, thanks. I’ll pass…

So, here’s my question. What have you found? Do you like the new lights? Or were you one of those smart people who have a closet full of the old kind, because you knew life was about to change forever? Do you like the colorful strands or the white strands? If so, have you bought them recently?

If you like your lights, help the rest of us out and let us know where you got them. For now, I’m at Lowes, lost in the lighting section….

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