I heard a designer say once that your ceiling is your fifth wall. Ever since, I have paid more attention to ceiling detail. I put a call in to Patricia McLean, who helped me with this concept and the colors.

An easy idea is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This is particularly nice in a room with and uneven ceiling. I have a couple of rooms like this in my home. Rooflines and dormers are so charming, but sometimes I find myself wondering where the wall stops and the ceiling begins. Painting the walls and ceilings the same color added warmth and gave the room a cozy feel.

Another great idea is to paint the ceiling a contrasting color. My living room has a high ceiling. and regular ceiling white paired with an ivory carpet made the room feel cavernous. Now I have a mossy green on the ceiling, which gives the room a cozier feel and anchors the ceiling to this same color in the furniture.

The dining room had beautiful dental molding and a lovely chandelier medallion, but with the white ceilings, it just didn’t pop. But a soft silvery blue gave the molding in the dining room a lovely contrast and added interest to the room.

Paint is obviously the least expensive way add interest. But there are other treatments.
I love this technique! I believe adding trim to the ceiling is my new favorite concept.
Ceiling beams not only act as support, but lend interest. I love the wall panelling paired with the beams.
Now to take the two concepts of molding on the ceiling combined with the natural wood. Just lovely!
Here is an idea of pairing a coordinating color with support beams. I love it!
So after the Christmas decorations come down, and you are feeling that maybe there are a few bland rooms that could use a perk, add a little paint to that fifth wall. If you send pictures, I’ll add them to the blog.


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