515 West Paces Ferry Road

Lucky me! I had an opportunity recently to enjoy a special occasion at a lovely home on West Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta, just a few blocks down from the Governor’s mansion.  This Georgian home was designed by William Baker in the early 2000’s and has so many lovely features.  I drove through the gates and parked my car in the beautiful motor courtyard..

…and through the heavy oaken front door…  (What is it about walking through a door with urns on either side of the door that just makes a girl feel special??)

….into a this wonderful foyer! The marble flooring, the spiral staircase, the exquisite lighting, and the handsome paneling welcomed me in and invited me to enjoy my time there.
As I traveled into the formal living room,
I looked up to see even more to delight the eyes and welcome me.
From the living room, there is a hallway lighted by natural sunlight flooding through the french windows and illuminating the vaulted ceilings.
Don’t you just love the master bedroom? I am awed by the high ceiling, the fireplace, and the seating area set apart by columns. I also find the blue soft furnishings to be tranquil and peaceful.
Sitting by the fire in this handsome family room would be sheer contentment.
In the office, I found a tribute to the Ole King Cole Bar in the New York St. Regis. Wonderful!
And you are going to love the back garden are of this house.
This magnificent home is on the market. If you want to know more, contact the agent, Lisa Fuller. Click here to see her listings. 

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