Last Thanksgiving, our family was fortunate enough to enjoy the holiday in Charleston. I was looking through the photos of it the other day. Charleston is such a pretty city that you can just walk around and take interesting pictures with your phone and have a story to share.

We stayed at the Frances Marion hotel. I love staying there! It’s right where downtown Charleston really begins. There is a Starbuck’s at street level, so you can grab and coffee and tour or shop all morning!

Shops are very close to the hotel, so we started the day shopping. The Urban Outfitters there is in an old theatre. We were enchanted by the architectural detailing.

I loved this building with an art gallery inside.  The old brick and shutters inside and out give it quite a southern flare. Notice the lovely moldings at the tops of these buildings. Here is another view of the moldings and chimneys that abound in Charleston.

Because the temperatures are so balmy there, the gardening season is practically year round. The greenery in and around the old buildings are spectacular.

If you would like to take a bit of Charleston flair home with you, stop by the Gift Shop of the Preservation Society of Charleston at 147 King Street. It’s a great place to Christmas shop and benefits the preservation of this beautiful city.

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