I am a huge Cary Grant fan. I love his humor, his movies, and his glamour! He always had such style about him, whether going broke in “Mr. Blandings Builds his House of Dreams”, or finding himself with one wife too many in “My Favorite Wife”! A set director once said that you can’t put him in just any room. He was so handsome, that he really had to have a fabulous set to stand up to him! This house could manage our dear Cary very well! Every room is delightful. 

Notice that this home is really all on one floor. The lot is over an acre, which is why there is so much room to have everything on one level. I just love these old lots – sloping enough for interest, but level enough to easily enjoy the house and grounds. Here we are in the foyer. This is my favorite type of front door. Notice the large, but very proportioned rooms. Perfection. Americana and Southern style at it’s finest.

As we move into the dining room, notice the tall ceilings, and open floor plans. I love the idea of opening the French doors and enjoying the breeze to the outside when the weather is pretty. The large windows and moldings are delightful and finish the room beautifully without being overpowering. 

The living room is so serene. The cream paneling and the lovely neutrals make this room a quiet, soothing retreat. The cream silk curtains, the lovely patterned rug, the textured sofa and rattan chair all give interest without competing with one another.  I really love the portraits of famous Americans throughout the home. It lends to the American beauty of the home so well!

This photo shows the proportions of the home so well. The moldings, flooring, mantel, and scale of the house are a joy to behold.  This photo was taken from across the hallway in the study. 
You will find that the study has the same lovely, proportioned paneling. It almost seems to me that the palate is inverted here with the same calming effect.
This home has a total of three fireplaces, one in the living room and the second in the study. We shall see where the third one shows up.
Okay, my favorite part of the kitchen is that adorable silhouette above the stove! The pendant lights are also a salute to the era when the house was built. Don’t you just love them? I adore the marble countertops, the potted herbs, the beams on the ceiling, and the cabinetry.
And the third fireplace is in the master bedroom. Again, the proportion of the room is sheer delight.  What a peaceful way to end the day. 

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