If you live in Georgia, chances are you have been to Amelia or Cumberland Island. They are both lovely places to visit.  Amelia Island’s history goes back to the 1500’s and has flown a total of eight flags. On the island stands Fort Clinch, a civil war fort. My husband visited recently with a friend, Brent Nitschke. who is also a photographer,  Brent really captured the beauty of the old fort.

All of the work on the fort was done by hand by soldiers, including making the cement and brick from scratch. We have toured this fort before and found that the soldiers wore woolen uniforms, and had to stay in complete dress at all times. Can you imagine all of this hard work, done in hundred degree heat, while wearing wool!?
Inside the fort, the temperature was cool and dry.  Remarkable when seeing that it is right on the beach.

The little windows are called gun embrasures. This is where the men fought, with guns booming inside the room. The noise alone must have been terrifying when they were all down there in action.

On a more relaxing note, they also hiked around Cumberland Island.  Horses roam free there. They are docile, and not worried about the people on the island, as you can see by the picture. These horses are believed to be the descendants of settlers who populated the island in the 1700’s. 
As you can see, Cumberland makes a delightful day of touring. There are old ruins from when the ultra wealthy had homes on the island, fascinating wildlife, and amazing flora.
Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Brent! We are still enjoying them!!

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