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Beautiful Georgian Architecture

Have you seen the 2009 BBC production of Emma? I just love the beautiful home they use for Hartfield in the film. It’s actually Squerryes Court, located in the county of Kent, England. This house dates back to 1681 and is early Georgian. Magnificent!

Now look at this delightful Georgian home here in Atlanta. Wow, the beauty is in the details!  This is Georgian architecture for modern times! Let’s take a tour.

I love this small front alcove. There is sheer perfection in the fan above the door, the molding , the brickwork, boxwoods flanking the entrance, and that lovely number plate.
And doesn’t this knocker make you think of Dicken’s Christmas Carol? It’s already making me wonder if I live for Christmas everyday! Delightful!

Take a look at all of the Georgian detail in this foyer. The sunlight from the front entryway, the pediment passageway into the living room and dining room, and the furnishings are amazing.

Speaking of amazing, notice detail on that banister. Brilliant!
I love this living room. Once again, from the architecture to the window treatments and furnishings, this home is truly amazing! This home is for sale and the photos are from the listing. 


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