I am a big fan of traditional design, from architecture to decorating. Nothing makes me more comfortable in my surroundings than symmetry, polished tables, ad comfortable seating wrapped in a serene color palate.

Patricia McLean really hits the mark for this lovely, old home in Buckhead.

I love the french windows on either side of the front door, the creamy brick and the lovely shutters. The symmetry of the house design and the landscape have such appeal. But where Patricia really brings in the serenity is inside…
Patricia’s clients wanted blue as their palette. I think she did an amazing job of finding a blue that didn’t turn green or gray.  If you are interested in the specific color, it is Benjamin Moore’s Buxton Blue.
Upstairs the walls are a beautiful cream color with the blue used in fabrics and accessories. Also, notice the quiet pattern in that beautiful carpeting. Very subtle, but it really makes the room. I have known Patricia personally for 20 years now; and in working with her and seeing her work in magazines, at the Atlanta Symphony Show House, and other homes I have had the pleasure of seeing, I can tell you that she certainly has an eye for color! This is just a wonderful example! These pictures are from a wonderful article by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. If you would like to see more about this home, check out the article online.

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