7 Cherokee Road – One of Atlanta’s truly Spectacular Homes

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to see a truly remarkable home in Atlanta.  Neel Reid is my favorite architect of all time. He designed this home in 1922 and it has truly become one of Atlanta’s grand dames of homes! 
Notice the symmetry of the house as you enter the property…
Doesn’t the Palladian look like a scene from Pride and Prejudice?
And so does this dining room! Amazing!
There is no picture of this on the agent’s website, but there is a ladies’ sitting room with an amazing fireplace just behind the dining room where I can just imagine the ladies could gossip over sherry, tea, or cocktails! 
The living room is a soothing, light, spa blue. It is even more dramatic in person. Just lovely! 
There are more pictures on the agent’s website. I live for Beacham Realty’s lovely catalog to make it’s way to my house! I think I’ll make tea and browse her website for a while! What a delight!

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