Month: December 2013

Woodland Hills Manor

There are so many beautiful homes in my town, but I will drive out of my way to see a Tudor. I love the beautiful limestone; the wonderful chimneys that seem to want to touch the clouds; the lovely small panes of glass when combined with lead make large windows to bring in sunlight, but give the owner privacy. These homes usually have gorgeous … Read More Woodland Hills Manor

Neel Reid Ornamental Urns

Recently I was playing on Ebay and was delighted to find this ornamental urn from a Neel Reid hotel project in Moultrie, Georgia.  It seems that the old ones were damaged from years of being on top of a building, so during a recent restoration, an urn was lovingly restored. A new mold was made from the repaired urn, and all eight urns were replaced … Read More Neel Reid Ornamental Urns

Christmas at the St. Regis Atlanta

Christmas is over and the more restful side of the holiday starts for me. I’m sure that many of you have been to Atlanta’s St. Regis Hotel, but I hadn’t seen their decorations this year. Once again, it exceeds my expectations! Here is my view as I sip warm, delicious hot chocolate at the hotel’s Astor Court. Some lucky group is about to have … Read More Christmas at the St. Regis Atlanta

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I will be taking a few days off to enjoy the holiday, but wanted to leave you with some beautiful sights of Christmas for the week from fellow pinners on Pinterest. If you like these, join me on Pinterest where you can see beautiful things every day. The meaning of the season.every day. Click through to Pinterest for more

Christmas Lights…

This is going to be half rant, half questionnaire.  I’m going to get basic. Light bulbs – I love them and I hate them! I have a cabinet whose only job is to store the different light bulbs my home needs! I think that is ridiculous! There are the compact fluorescents (I think they are the scourge of modern household life, and I refuse … Read More Christmas Lights…

The Fifth Wall

I heard a designer say once that your ceiling is your fifth wall. Ever since, I have paid more attention to ceiling detail. I put a call in to Patricia McLean, who helped me with this concept and the colors. An easy idea is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This is particularly nice in a room with and uneven … Read More The Fifth Wall

515 West Paces Ferry Road

Lucky me! I had an opportunity recently to enjoy a special occasion at a lovely home on West Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta, just a few blocks down from the Governor’s mansion.  This Georgian home was designed by William Baker in the early 2000’s and has so many lovely features.  I drove through the gates and parked my car in the beautiful motor courtyard.. … Read More 515 West Paces Ferry Road

A Walking Tour of Charleston

Last Thanksgiving, our family was fortunate enough to enjoy the holiday in Charleston. I was looking through the photos of it the other day. Charleston is such a pretty city that you can just walk around and take interesting pictures with your phone and have a story to share. We stayed at the Frances Marion hotel. I love staying there! It’s right where downtown … Read More A Walking Tour of Charleston

1940’s Glamour

I am a huge Cary Grant fan. I love his humor, his movies, and his glamour! He always had such style about him, whether going broke in “Mr. Blandings Builds his House of Dreams”, or finding himself with one wife too many in “My Favorite Wife”! A set director once said that you can’t put him in just any room. He was so handsome, … Read More 1940’s Glamour

Getting the Tree Today

We are going to get the tree today! If you live in Atlanta, you know it’s really raining here. I like to call that southern snow. We want to hear your favorite tree stories today! Sometimes the it’s a festive, happy day that really kicks of the season. Other times, you just have to put it behind you and move on!  

Peachtree Garden Club’s Christmas Home Tour Follow Up

Well, my daughter and I went to the Peachtree Garden Club’s Christmas Home Tour.  It was delightful! I thought I would just share some snaps of the tour in case you didn’t get a chance to go. For more details on each home, follow this link. House 1: I loved this house! This was the Neel Reid that was built in the 1920s. Sorry … Read More Peachtree Garden Club’s Christmas Home Tour Follow Up

Living at the Lake in Atlanta

Lake Lanier is Atlanta’s closest lake. So many people go there to escape and enjoy the outdoors. Fall can be an especially lovely time to enjoy it. Living in North Fulton, I know several people who have made it their full time home and love it. If you work in North Fulton, it’s a very convenient location. Take a look at these fabulous pictures … Read More Living at the Lake in Atlanta